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SolutionsIQ India is the agile consulting firm the world's business leaders come to when they embark on a journey of Large Scale Agile Transformations.

We partner with our clients to guide them towards rapid innovation, smarter processes and sustainable transformation. We also help build software with the right blend of engineering practices, collaboration and transparency

We are not just advisers, we're passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, even if it isn't easy. We can make it work. Talk to us.
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Agile consulting

Every organization is different. We build unique programs for over 100 world’s largest businesses to transform their teams and organizations to build faster and deliver sustainable change

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SolutionsIQ offers a proven set of workshops and certified training courses that address the needs of every stage of your organizational transition.

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BizDevOps Consulting

Our BizDevOps consulting practices focus on aligning teams and culture, tools and engineering practices to Agile and Lean values.

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SolutionsIQ (I) team guides a leading Healthcare services company in adopting Kanban in their teams that was already following Scrum practices in their organization


SolutionsIQ (I) Coaches help and guide an IT services company in implementing agile practices in their development and support teams.

Banking & Finance

This case study highlights the unique challenges and patterns of transforming a global organization to “be agile”. It reflects on three aspects of a large


Stress-free Continuous Delivery Using Sensible Information Radiators

Stress-free Continuous Delivery Using Sensible Information Radiators By Vivek Ganesan 22 March 2017 8:00 PM IST JOIN FREE!   SolutionsIQ is pleased to announce the second webinar as a part of BizDevOps Master Webinar Series on the topic “Stress-free Continuous Delivery Using Sensible Information Radiators” by Vivek Ganesan. About the topic: When teams deliver increments of   …Continue Reading

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BizDevOps Trainings

04-05  MAR Bangalore Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) 01-02  APR Bangalore Software Containerization on Docker Platform Do you have queries? Call us +91 8884404499 Email us

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Business Agility Meetup by SolutionsIQ

Business Agility is not easy to define as it encompasses several aspects within an organization such as organization design, adaptive leadership, governance & strategy as well as agile practices outside IT. The need of the hour is to sense and respond to customer and market needs with disruptive products and services in an immediate frictionless   …Continue Reading

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When to embrace Behaviour Driven Development?

Abstract Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a collaborative and disciplined technique to help us build the right product. In the last decade BDD has had her own bit of glory and criticism. Many teams in the recent past have reaped benefits from this technical practice, while some teams complain that are yet to find any   …Continue Reading

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Manager’s Guide to Effective Release Management

It is not an exaggeration to say that agile has become the default way of working and organizations are seeing great benefits by making it part of their development culture. While there are many advantages seen in adopting agile, we do see many challenges while practicing in reality. To set the context for this article   …Continue Reading

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