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Business Agility Meetup by SolutionsIQ

Business Agility is not easy to define as it encompasses several aspects within an organization such as organization design, adaptive leadership, governance & strategy as well as Agile practices outside IT. The need of the hour is to sense and respond to customer and market needs with disruptive products and services in an immediate frictionless manner.

However, in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment how does one adapt to market pressures with consistently better products, processes and organizational environment? How can an enterprise achieve this adaptive state to achieve greater market share and revenue growth?  SolutionsIQ has evolved a change management approach that assures delivery of strategic business results in the most challenging enterprise change environments.

SolutionsIQ is pleased to present this session- Business Agility Meetup on 20th January 2016 with Astra-Zeneca, Chennai.

Below is the agenda for the event

05:00 PM – Introduction and Welcome Address – AstraZeneca Leadership

05.15 PM – The Hare and Tortoise – Why the hare wins in a digital world by Siddharth Govindaraj, Founder of Silver Stripe Software

06:00 PM – Less is More –  How businesses need to think of delivering more business value with less teams – Mahesh Varadharajan and Arun Jayaraman
06.45 PM – Coffee Break
07:00 PM – Interactive session by Soma Mohanty and Purav Shah of SolutionsIQ
07.45 PM – Closing and Retrospective

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