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Webinar Recording-24X7 Continuous Testing in current day Software Development

The webinar “24X7 Continuous Testing in current day Software Development” by Dr.Ganesh Iyer was successfully conducted as a part of Leadership Webinar Series on 15 June 2017.

The recording is now available!

Dr.Ganesh Iyer offered insights on how most of the organizations now using Agile software development methodologies have changed their focus from software development to deliver faster releases—and how this affects the way they test within the sprint. He also spoke about the challenges which include frequent changes in requirements, the addition of incremental features to the product, and release at any point of time and how one can seamlessly address most of these challenges.

He highlighted some continuous test approaches in practice including 24/7 reliability testing and continuous integration. He also discussed the importance of endurance testing, practical considerations when we perform such durability testing, framework design elements for running tests continuously, and finally—what to look for in the results.

He concluded that continuous testing is the ability to run tests continuously in an environment, irrespective of product upgrades and dependent third-party systems.

If you missed the webinar or would like to revisit the talk, Click Here to view the recording now!

About Dr.Ganesh:

Dr.Ganesh Iyer is a QA Architect at Progress with more than twelve years of research and development experience. He is also a professor, an Agile advocate and a public speaker delivering talks, workshops and technical sessions across the globe.Know more about Dr.Ganesh.

On behalf of SolutionsIQ we thank you for your interest and participation. Our next webinar will be announced shortly.