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Webinar recording – Cultural Agility: The Unfair Advantage?

The webinar “Cultural Agility: The Unfair Advantage?” by Tathagat Varma was successfully conducted as a part of Leadership Webinar Series on 13 June 2017, 08:00 PM IST.

The recording is now available!

The Context of Culture

Knowledge work requires humans to work together. However, we humans are not wired uniformly. We are a product of the culture in which we are brought up, and some of these cultural nuances are simply a result of long-term evolution patterns. Culture is the sum of complex social interrelationships taken in the overall perspective, and hence when we talk of culture, there is no such thing as right or wrong, or better or worse – it is what it is.

Frameworks and Culture

However, when we prescribe a framework like Scrum, we try to impose a culture-agnostic way to organize the team. This might be ok to start with, but could a team exploit its natural advantages by piggybacking on its innate cultural strengths? Can teams, and eventually organizations, understand and adapt to their multiple local contexts to ultimately drive better business results?

Imagine, you have an established product, and now you want to make it a global brand by launching it in new markets. The first step towards it, after the initial research to identify the market(s) to enter, is a GTM strategy. You are thoroughly prepared with your product mix, the channels of distribution, the pricing and a solid budget for marketing and advertising. You, of course, think of the cultural aspects too. But how impactful can culture be to an organizations’ growth and success?

You may have heard this famous line – Culture eats strategies for breakfast. And that’s what the impact could be in simple terms!

The webinar also brought out that more than 50% of revenue for an enterprise comes from beyond borders. And that makes it very important for today’s businesses to care about, build and improve their cultural agility!

In the first webinar of the Leadership Webinar Series by SolutionsIQ, Tathagat Varma opened his session with examples of big and mighty brands that went terribly wrong when they were entering new markets. The point he brings out is that although our appearances are similar, we are all wired differently. And hence becoming culturally aware, understanding the cultural context can prove to be key to rise or fall of a business.

Tathagat moved on to share a few frameworks to understand the culture of nations and that of organizations, such as the Hofstede’s Dimensions of National and Organizational Culture. And finally, he shared very engaging perspective of Cultural Agility and how to create it in organizations.

If you missed the webinar or would like to revisit the talk, Click Here to view the recording now!

About Tathagat:

Tathagat Varma (a.k.a. “TV”) Tathagat has been involved with hi-tech software product development since ’91 with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and subsequently with Siemens Telecom, Philips Medical Systems and Philips Digital Networks divisions, Huawei Technologies, McAfee, NetScout Systems and Yahoo! prior to joining at [24]7 Innovation Labs in significant technical and leadership roles, including starting up and heading India operations for NetScout Systems between 2004 and 2009, heading Business Operations at Yahoo! and VP for Global Strategic Process Innovation at [24]7 Innovation Labs, before starting up with his coaching and consulting firm “Thought Leadership” in 2014. Know more about Tathagat

On behalf of SolutionsIQ we thank you for your interest and participation. Our next webinar will be announced shortly.