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Build high-value and high-performing software products with DevOps Agility

Rising competition and dynamic market expectations are shaping the evolution of software development. As a result, organizations are under pressure to increase product and service development speed, customer responsiveness as well as revenue. They find that they must move the traditional ‘build, test, and release’ cycle outside the siloed realm of development, and adopt a more collaborative and Agile approach. Multiple teams across business, operations and development functions must come together to help the organization innovate, improve quality and accelerate time to market in the effort to achieve Continuous Delivery practices and business success.

SolutionsiQ’s DevOps consulting services focus on people, process and technology to help organizations develop and execute a structured change initiative. We partner businesses through their DevOps transformation journey to overcome technical, cultural, and operational challenges that result from aligning different teams, infrastructure and applications with each other.

Our services

Comprehensive DevOps Consulting

Design your DevOps blueprint and initiatives right from scratch with our pure-play consulting programs. These strategic engagements are led by experienced professionals who are committed to scaling DevOps attitudes and activities within your organization – right from defining a DevOps business case for your unique context to providing advice on how your teams can improve their DevOps processes, architecture design and testing strategy.

Onsite hands-on Practitioners

Leverage our pool of DevOps practitioners to improve your specific business challenges. Our experienced engineers can work with your teams for a defined period to execute specific DevOps initiatives, implement best-practices and transfer process know-how required to successfully run DevOps-related activities.

Expert-driven DevOps Training

Choose one or more of our training courses, all of which are designed to help your business, development and operations teams follow best practices and make the most efficient use of software tools and technologies. We offer these programs as public workshops as well as customized programs designed to meet specific team requirements. Our current DevOps training programs include:

• Software Containerization on Docker Platform
• Behavior-driven development (BDD)
• Test-driven Development (TDD)
• Continuous Delivery (CD)

Why choose SolutionsiQ India?

  • Our team of knowledgeable and experienced coaches have consistently delivered qualitative and effective DevOps programs for global customers from a variety of industries including BFSI, IT products, healthcare, manufacturing and retail
  • Our recommendations for enabling DevOps transformation are solution-driven and not tool-driven. Achieving DevOps success depends on adopting the required cultural and organization principles. While certain tools can augment this methodology, each team will have its own set of technology requirements
  • We take a holistic view of your organization’s business, technological and cultural requirements while delivering a solution and ensure these aspects are aligned during execution
  • Our working methodology and solutions are powered by Agile and Lean ways of thinking which empower you to deliver high-quality products that will flex without breaking

Helping a global financial services company reduce development cycle times from 6-12 months to 2-4 weeks.

The client chose SolutionsiQ to help them overcome challenges related to legacy systems and compliance in their efforts to deliver high-value applications faster and more frequently. Read more to learn how our consultants worked with more than 35 teams to help them practice various flavors of Agile development and Continuous Delivery.

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