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Webinar: Self-Leadership – An Agile Leader’s Secret to Leading Others Well

The webinar “Self-Leadership – An Agile Leader’s Secret to Leading Others Well” by Vibhu Srinivasan was successfully conducted as a part of Leadership Webinar Series on 10 August 2017.

The Recording is now available.

Vibhu started the session with the definition of Agile leadership and explained why Leading Self or Self Leadership is the first change Agile leaders need before they lead others. He also illustrated the two distinctively different types of leaders and spoke about the challenges that fall in the way of Agile transformation.

Vibhu emphasized on how it is time to rethink how Agile leaders lead. He shared some thoughts on existing time tested models that can help with Self Leadership. He also explained how the DEEP FAT model helps as a guide to lead others.

Vibhu concluded the webinar helping understand why simple things stick and complex things don’t.

If you missed the webinar or would like to revisit the talk, write to us to view the recording!

Vibhu Srinivasan:

Vibhu is an Entrepreneur, Avid Learner, Teacher and a Result Driven Leader. As Director and Founder of SolutionsIQ India, Vibhu has been on a continuous journey of delivering value for customers by creating high-performance teams. Over the years of his Agile journey of consulting, coaching, mentoring, and training, Vibhu has worked in almost every sphere of Agility – Extreme Programming to Kanban; Leadership Transformation to Business Agility. Connect with Vibhu on LinkedIn.