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About Us

A group of enthusiastic individuals, we are passionate about what we do – Creating Great Products, Nurturing Great People and Culture, Ever-willing to collaborate with clients, taking them from Good to Great!

Our Experience

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Our values define and guide us.
We believe in Humanizing Workplace

Why SolutionsIQ

  • We foster Agile in the way we work
  • We don’t just coach in Agile, we imbibe it in our hierarchy free, flat organization that encourages team-work, “inspect and adapt” thinking and clear voicing of opinions
  • We deliver High Quality Software faster with experienced teams with a promise to get to Zero Defects
  • Cross Domain Experience Our experience in multiple domains has enabled us in better coaching by bring-ing the best of learning and techniques from other industries and practices
  • The Power of Diversity Every person at SolutionsIQ brings a unique personality and experience; this diver-sity helps in finding the best connect and match for unique teams at client engagements


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